Searching for 'world class' high grade gold-silver deposits in South Korea.

한국에서 '세계적 수준의'고급 금은 매장량 검색.

Southern Gold is a company with one unified vision: to become an internationally recognised high-grade gold-silver project generator in South Korea. We want to be known for our highly professional technical team which has a reputation for making valuable discoveries in a manner that shows respect for our operating environment and the local people.

Southern Gold 는 하나의 통일 된 비전을 가진 회사입니다. 한국에서 국제적으로 인정받는 금은 탐험가가되고, 운영 환경 및 민감한 사회적 맥락.

Our Company

Our business is the business of rocks, preferably rocks with precious metals. To find the world class deposit we seek we are better off starting with the most fundamental characteristic: geological provinces with the right tectonic architecture to allow gold deposits to form in the first place. South Korea is the ideal place to conduct this search.

우리 사업은 바위 사업, 귀금속 바위가있는 사업입니다. 세계 수준의 매장지를 찾으려면 가장 기본적인 특징 인 올바른 지각 구조를 지닌 지질 학적 요소로 시작하는 것이 더 낫습니다. 이 검색을 수행하기에 이상적인 장소는 한국입니다.


We manage Southern Gold to the benefit of our owners, the shareholders, with a focus on Total Shareholder Return.

우리는 총 주주 수익에 초점을 맞추어 주주들을 위해 서던 골드 (Southern Gold) 를 관리합니다.


South Korea

Deokon Gold-Silver Project

Introduction The historic Deokon Au-Ag mines are located in the central-southwestern part of South Korea, in the Jeolla-buk Province. Post-war mines department records show production resumed between 1958 and 1980, when a Korean national company, registered as The Deokon Mining Company Ltd., re-developed the multilevel underground mining operations at both the...


South Korea

Korean Project Generation

IntroductionSouthern Gold considers South Korea as highly prospective for new metalliferous deposit discoveries. Limited systematic modern exploration has been done in the Korean Peninsula, in comparison to similar belts of rocks to the northeast (i.e. parts of Japan and Russia) as well as to the southwest (i.e. in China) that...